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       RC Model Parts
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      S trong Precision Machinery is expertised in manufacturing machinery parts and provides reliable customer service. We had been accumulating valuable experience and expanding our market share to be competitive as our opponents. Our company won recognition among our clients in these years.
      We were founded in 1980 and our major clients were ASM Pacific Techonology and Mabuchi Motor. In 1992, we formed another company, Yitung Machinery(ShenZhen) Co. Limited, in ShenZhen, China to expand our production size.
      In order to increase our productivity and fulfill our customers’ needs, high precision automated machines and facilities (include Japanese and US CNC lathing machines and milling machines) were implemented. Such that we are able to keep up with clients' pace.
      Our products are widely introduced to different industries, include components of medical equipments, automated telling machines, LED manufacturing machines, BSF(battery separateor film) production line, audio equipments, telecommunications, and even remote-controlled toys... etc. We keep attaining the goal of continuous improvement in order to serve you with our best.